Friday, December 21, 2012

Only One Japanese Version 4 Types+Special Gifts Summary

Confused with the complexity that is the Only One Japanese Version products and their respective free gifts? Here is the post that will help you with your headache.

Basically, there are 4 types of Only One Japanese Version.
1. CD+DVD, Product Code : AVCK-79085/B, Price : 2,100 yen (tax included)
(First Press Limited Edition)
(Normal Edition)
2. CD onlyProduct Code : AVCK-79086, Price : 1,050 yen (tax included)
CD only AVCK-79086
3. USB Music Memory Card Type AProduct Code : AQZ1-50854,  Price : 1,500 yen (tax included)
USB Type A AQZ1-50854
4. USB Music Memory Card Type BProduct Code : AQZ1-50855,  Price : 1,500 yen (tax included)
USB Type B AQZ1-50855

Note that USB Memory both types are only available to SOUL fan club members and are of limited quantity. 

Now, about the free gifts. Let me talk about the ones for everyone (no matter if you are a SOUL member or not) first.

Free Gift for everyone: Special DVD 「Only One ~Dance Version~」, for those who purchase both the CD+DVD (First press limited edition) AND the CD only (First press limited edition) 
※Note that you need to purchase the "First press limited edition" for both. Inside, you will find application coupons. (I'm afraid you need to have a Japanese address for this but I don't know for sure.)

Free Gift for SOUL members 1:  「Only One original letter set」 for those who purchase CD+DVD (First press limited edition) AND USB Type A AND USB Type B
※Note that you need to buy these 3 items as a set meaning all at one go. The letter set includes Original Clear File (all 3 types), Original Writing Paper, and an Original Ball-point Pen.
Original Clear File (3 types)
Original Writing Paper + Original Ball Pen

Don't fret if you're a SOUL member but cannot afford to buy the 3 items above. 

Free Gift for SOUL members 2: Original Clear File (1 type random out of the 3 types that are the same as the ones above) for any SOUL member buying any one item out of the 4.
※Note that you need to purchase the "First press limited edition" for CD+DVD and CD only to be able to get the gift.

※Also note that these SOUL free gifts are of limited quantity.

So if you want to collect everything, what you have to do is
1. Apply to SOUL (if you're not a member already)
2. Buy all the 4 items from SOUL shop and get the  「Only One original letter set」 with purchase.
3. Take the Special DVD 「Only One ~Dance Version~」 application coupons out from the CD cases and follow the instruction to get the Special DVD.

There you go and you'll have all the 4 products plus the letter set and special DVD to add to the ever-growing BoA collection of yours. Who knows, if you divide the order into one CD+DVD,USBa,USBb order and another CDonly order, you might get another clear file from the second order?! But that means you might need to pay more for shipping&handling. Hah! Who would think buying a song would require this much planning?

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