Saturday, October 26, 2013

Message/Call my name : promotion

1. BoA Juke Bus
A bus with "gaQdan" orchestra group playing "Message" and other BoA's winter tunes including merikuri, winter love, jewel song, running around shibuya and omotesando area (and at SMTown Tokyo Special Edition venue, Tokyo Dome, on the day of the concerts too.)

BoA Juke Bus

BoA with gaQdan on the BoA Juke Bus

The vdo featuring the bus in action can be viewed at the project website:

2. "Message" tie-up info
- main theme song for BeeTV's drama "Seikan☆Love Message"
- inspired song for NTV's MIDNITE TV Series "Revenge Season 1"
- opening theme song for TV program "MUSIC B.B." in October

3. Special program on Niconico Live Broadcast "The truth behind read-but-no-reply messages" (No BoA appearance)
4. Panel & Costume Display at Tower Records Shibuya&Osaka(Umeda Maru Bldg.) Branches

Panel & Costume Display at Tower Records Shibuya

Panel & Costume Display at Tower Records Maru Bldg. (pic from )

5. TV appearance
- Downtown DX (interview about her hectic schedule, China+Korea+Japan in one week. and TVXQ saying BoA wouldn't let them go home when they went drinking together.)
- Zip (interview with Daisuke about tips for good song writing of which BoA recommended to let the experts do it instead for better quality LOL. singing Valenti together)

6. Radio appearance
- Nippon-Housou Otani Nobuhiko "Good Job"

7. Magazine
- smart Dec. issue
- CanCam Dec. issue
- GINGER Dec. issue
- mina Dec. issue

8. Web Interviews/columns (translation)
- excite
- pia
- oricon
- modelpress (interview)
- modelpress (column 2guy&2girls talking about getting no replies even after the recipient has read the messages)

9. Music Dragon Live 2013 on 10th Nov
The first time BoA sang "Message" live in front of the audience.

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